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Welcome to Organic Soups delivered!

After our large success with Soup for Schools I received a lot of positive feedback about the soups(and those were made en masse)  No salt, no spice, no added touch!!!  As we were making soups for such a large group we had to keep them as basic and simple as possible.

Now enter a new world of comfort, ease and practicality.  Not to mention delicious.

I have decided to put my kitchen to the test.  I will be making soups in small quantities each week for a select group of friends and family. I am starting small because I need to see if I am any good at this!  By "good at this" I mean trying to run a small little business.  

Walking through the markets, choosing fresh, local organic produce, thinking up new soups, new flavors and new combinations for soups is one of my favorite pass-times.  

This weekend the wild mushrooms at the market were so fresh and tasty that we made a beautiful mushroom broth and enjoyed a soup that was out of this world.  Infused with thyme and a hint of truffle; it was just perfect.

I thought I might make life a little bit easier for you by providing a service that will deliver a fresh new soup to your door every Monday afternoon.  

Why Mondays?  Everyone hates Mondays!  I decided I would try and turn that around for you.  I wanted to give you at least one night of the week where you take the thinking right out of your day, 
where the anticipation of a new and heartwarming soup is just waiting to be heated and enjoyed.

All my soups are made with organic products resulting in healthy flavorful soups that bring comfort to your table.

There is no set menu as I get inspired by the weekend markets!


Delivery of soups is made every Monday starting October 4th, 2010.

I will drop them off at nap time between 1-3pm.  

For alternate arrangements please let me know ahead of time so we can accommodate.

If you received an invite via email or mail please place your order at threelittlehungrybirds@gmail.com 

Please include:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Please specify if every Monday 1-3pm works for you.  (if not, perhaps a neighbor could receive the soup for you)

4. Please specify if you would like to pay COD or if you would like to submit a lump amount for the full season.

(Monthly totals are also accepted)`.

5. Please specify if you have any strong hates! or any allergies.  I will do my best to adjust flavors to the whole group.

Special Days: 

Organic Soup Delivery Season: October 4th 2010-December 13th, 2010.

$20- Soup and Delivery

No delivery the week of Monday November 8th, 2010.

For those of you who have not yet received an invite please be patient. I am working to see if I can 

accommodate more orders.  Thank you.


Can I freeze the soups?
Although I suggest eating the soups right away, you can freeze the soups.
However, I do not suggest freezing soups with pasta or dairy.

Will I get a list of ingredients?
Yes, every soup will come accompanied by a list of all the ingredients.

Will I get the same soup twice?
No, not unless there is a specific request.

How are the soups delivered?
Soups will come in a 1 litre Mason Jar in a brown paper bag!
I am trying to reduce reuse recycle so I do encourage returning the mason jars as often as possible.  I can pick them off at drop off times.

How long do the soups last in the fridge?
Once open:
Soups with no dairy last up to 4 days.
Soups with dairy last up to 2 days.
Soups with meat or chicken should be eaten right away.

Hope you guys enjoy!

From my kitchen to your table!