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Friday, July 23, 2010

More Fennel - Roasted Fennel and Other summer vegetables with Cous Cous

Summer Vegetables with Roasted Fennel and Cous Cous

Chop fennel into chunks
Chop vidalia onion into chunks
chop cucumber on the diagonal into thick slices
cherry tomatoes
Fresh sweet peas
dried mint
chick peas
toasted almonds
fresh mint
olive oil
salt pepper
juice of half a lemon
feta cheese

Put all ingredients up to and including chickpeas into a large bowl and drizzle with olive oil, season with salt,pepper and dried mint (about a teaspoon) mix to coat all vegetables.

Transfer vegetable mixture to a bbq vegeatble basket. Cook on high heat until, soft, caramelized and tender.

While veggies are cooking, cook cous cous.
Arrange spinach in a large bowl.
Allow cous cous to cool. Add to spinach.
Add veggie mixture to spinach.
Toss with olive oil, lemon, salt pepper and fresh mint.
Add toasted almonds
Crumble feta pieces on top.
Serve as a starter with toasted pita or as a side.

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  1. I loved this combination of flavors! I served it with fish and shrimp taquitos!