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Sunday, August 22, 2010


We just returned from a one month holiday at "home". Montreal, that is. It was an amazing month. From the moment I walked into my parents home and smelled the Mexican delicacies being prepared, to Tassy's kitchen, to the amazing organic Farmer's Markets all over Quebec. It was the perfect culinary holiday.

We were completely disconnected to any form of technology. I didn't even know my google account had been shut down until some time in mid August! I was not able to post anything anyway! Apparently, somebody had been up to no good on the sight and so google shut it down for safety reasons. Everything is in order once again and Three Little Hungry Birds is up and running!

I have a ton of new recipes ready for all of you to enjoy from Mexican huevos rancheros, to Quinoa salads, to new soups and Patrick's first posts on meat-for all you meat lovers!!!

Be sure you read his post on, "a word on meat" both here and on his blog, about organic farming and large scale industrial farming. ( link to follow-when he actually writes it!)

Can't wait. Stay tuned.

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