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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A trip to the Organic Farmer's Market in Val David Quebec

I was in heaven for three Saturday's in a row when I got to buy my produce from small organic local farmers in the Quebec region. Patrick was nice enough to let me make the trip on my own so I could take some pics and enjoy the experience.

I certainly did.

Here are some pics.

Recipes to follow.

Fresh wild mushrooms in every shape and size inspired a wild mushroom risotto that was superb and easy to prepare.

With Fresh Produce, you can't really go wrong.

Baskets and baskets of blueberry's inspired blueberry pancakes, blueberry goop, crumbles and muffins! We experimented with various blueberry and peach crumbles and finally settled on one we all agreed was the best.

A few of my favorite things...finding new and interesting varieties of fruits and vegetables. These yellow cucumbers were crunchy, sweet and juicy. They added extra color and flavor to many of our salads including greek salad, fatoush salad, Oliver's crunchy salad, Quinoa salad and so much more.

When I saw these at the Market with my mom and the three girls dressed in yellow, I immediately thought of her delicious Zucchini flower soup and taquitos that are delicious and incredibly easy to prepare.

Another sweet and delicious find. Mini baby eggplants. These are so small and sweet they don't even need to be salted before eating. These little mini eggplants stole the show in a grilled cherry tomato, radicchio and fennel salad.

I have gone mad for summer tomatoes. This year has proved to be a spectacular year for tomatoes in Quebec. Time to buy barrels of tomatoes to make sauce and freeze for those cold winter months.


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